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LG LRKNS1205V 김치냉장고

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  • LG LRKNS1205V 김치냉장고 - LG LRKNS1205V 김치냉장고 330ℓ

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Precise, Flexible Cooling For Specialty Foods

Forced-air circulation keeps meat, seafood, wines & cheese fresh with precise temperature control


Organized Space With Enough Room For Everything

Stay organized with multiple compartments, temperature zones and sealed containers


Stay Cool With Adjustable Temperature Settings

Choose from fridge or freezer up top & 3 settings in drawers to keep produce, meat & seafood fresh


Innovative Cooling To Keep Food Fresh

Cooling Care blasts cold air every 6 seconds, while a Freshness Guard Cover reduces cold air loss


Sealed For Freshness

10 containers offer airtight storage to seal in freshness & prevent aroma overload

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