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10대 한정 할인 AIAN Multi-Purpose Sterilizer


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Aian Multi-Purpose Sterilizer 와 Aian Sterilizer & Dryer 의 차이점
Aian Multipupose는 저온 살균에 맞추어 개발된 제품 입니다.
고온에서 살균 처리 하지 못하는 일상용품(예: 물병, 휴대전화기, 메디컬 기기등)에 맞추어져 있습니다.
반면 Aian Sterilizer & Dryer는 고온살균을 Far Infra-Red를 통해 열에 민감하지 않은 제품(예: 젖병, 세라믹 커피잔, 의류등 )을 소독 합니다.

Low Temperature Sterilization: Provides ability to sterilize thin bottles, cell phone, and others that are sensitive from heat.
Removing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses with multiple items
One touch operation
Beginning and ending audio alter for an operation
30 minutes for a complete sterilization of target object(s)

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Aian Multi-Purpose Sterilizer with low temperature operation
Aian Sterilizer has been designed and developed for removing viruses and bacteria for sensitive daily use products under a low temperature operation, which allows to sterilize for thin bottles, electronic products, and other heat sensitive objects.

Plasma, UV, and Mirroring Structure for effective sterilization
UV light and plasma ionizer are the key technologies for Aian Multi-purpose Sterilizer. The plasma ionizer generates negative ions that have unique function of sterilization without creating high heat; furthermore, the patented hexagonal mirroring structure makes effective delivery of UV light and negative ions to objects for shortening operation time.
Proven through a third party lab testing
Removes 99.99% of harmful bacteria, proven through a 3rd party lab testing.
One Touch Operation
Operating Aian Multi-purpose Sterilizer is simple since pressing a one touch button is all you need to sterilize items; in addition to that, built-in audio alert for starting and ending operation makes easy to use Aian. It takes 30 min to complete an operation.
Design of Aian – Spacious Room & Air purification
Aian Multi-purpose Sterilizer is convenient to use since it has spacious room inside of the unit by having 1060 cubic inches to accommodate items; furthermore, it contains an air purifying function for ensuring to supply clean air into the unit.
Free Power Voltage
Aian Multi-purpose Sterilizer uses an external power adapter that is a free voltage, which is convenient to carry it to another country when you are traveling.

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